LEDC Leads Effort for Revamp of Laramie’s Uniform Development Code

The Laramie Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) has created a webpage on its http://laramiewy.org/ website to serve as a vehicle for gathering community feedback and recommendations regarding Laramie’s Unified Development Code (UDC). Of particular interest are comments from people in the business community who have encountered difficulties complying with the UDC on matters relating to commercial and industrial buildings and sites.

This new LEDC webpage is accessed by clicking on “Unified Development Code” under the “Existing Businesses” tab of the LEDC website.

LEDC President & CEO, Gaye Stockman, noted “Last year, our Industrial Properties Committee created a UDC sub-committee specifically for the purpose of identifying and addressing modifications to the UDC. The sub-committee focuses on provisions of the Code perceived to be particularly troublesome for the expansion and growth of both existing and new businesses considering opportunities in the City of Laramie.”

Shortly after its formation, LEDC’s UDC sub-committee developed a matrix of recommendations pertaining to the pragmatic use of metal buildings and chain link fencing. It is currently working on Code issues pertaining to landscaping, parking lots and pre-existing non-conforming applications.

Dr. David Walrath, Chair of LEDC’s Industrial Properties Committee, stated, “We understand that the Unified Development Code is a living document — a document that can continue to be modified over time based on reasonable and prudent justification. We are encouraged by the City of Laramie’s willingness to analyze and act upon recommended improvements to the Code, and hope to provide this mechanism for continued citizen input.”

With regard to LEDC’s new website tool for fostering UDC feedback, Randy Hunt, Community Development Director for the City of Laramie, said, “Effective UDC planning and administration can only benefit when citizens and businesses provide constructive input and feedback. That type of communications is healthy, because it expands the City’s scope of analysis, assessment and the flow of ideas.”

For more information pertaining to LEDC’s UDC sub-committee activities or for assistance in submitting feedback to the UDC webpage feel free to call (307)-742-2212.