Lovell Mine GIS Platform

[Land & Building Development]

Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

Client challenge:

The superintendent of the Lovell Mine needed a way to locate available mining claims in the Bighorn Basin of Wyoming.

Coffey solution:

Coffey Engineering & Surveying created a customized, user-friendly GIS platform to locate claims and establish a vital link to information that is essential to current and future operations at the mine.

  • Researched and combined the following isolated and discrete mine claim records into a comprehensive electronic dataset:
    • Bureau of Land Management (BLM) mine claim history and current activity accessible through GeoCommunicator and LR2000 searchable Web sites.
    • BLM mine claim locations and activity in the Big Horn Basin as recorded in BLM hard-copy documents, available exclusively in Cheyenne.
    • Wyoming State Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) mine claim permit boundaries and additional geographic locations not found in BLM records, and available exclusively in Cheyenne as hard-copy records of maps and other data.
  • Used the comprehensive electronic dataset to perform the following customized functions for the client:
    • Develop a point snap-grid as a 20-acre parcel sub-set from the BLM Geographic Coordinate Data Base (GCDB) Quarter-Quarter dataset, taking into account the many irregularities of the PLSS map information.
    • Create claim polygons using the GCDB-derived snap-grid for all information obtained through BLM and DEQ research, joining all tabular data to polygons.
    • Obtain GIS parcel ownership data from the county assessor’s office, and perform gap analysis of spatial and tabular information against new dataset.
    • Create a GIS spatial layer of open, unclaimed land using map algebra between favorable geologic areas and the claim layer.
    • Establish a GIS data viewer showing all unclaimed land areas for future exploration.

Ongoing benefits:

Lovell’s Bentonite Performance Minerals plant works closely with Coffey to research and explore favorable geology formations, profitable deposits and low competition in the Bighorn Basin. Coffey’s user-friendly GIS platform makes updates and long-term maintenance of the existing data highly streamlined. The project is adaptable to new software releases and can easily transition from a deployed, static application to a real-time server or Internet-based application for both use and data upkeep.

“Coffey’s personable staff provides consistently high-quality work in a timely manner, and when Coffey submits a report, I know it’s done right.”

Warren Scott, Lovell Mine Superintendent, Halliburton