UL & SPEC Buildings – Cirrus Sky

[Land & Building Development]

Laramie, Wyoming

Coffey Engineering & Surveying served as the local survey and civil engineering consultant for the initial flagship development projects in the newly minted Cirrus Sky Technology Park.  This included the $4.2 million Underwriters’ Laboratories Office Building and the $2.3 million City of Laramie Speculative (Spec) Office Building both of which represent the potential for the CSTP and set the tone for all future development and growth in north Laramie.  Coffey provided all the initial topographic and utility surveying  for this projects which  produced baseline information  that was used by Coffey’s engineers  to design the site’s grading, utility connections, drainage , access, and overall functionality.  Coffey worked closely with the architect on this project to produce a seamless design which allowed for both building sites to function cohesively while also emphasizing the concept of interconnectivity amongst all the development projects in the CSTP.

ul & spec building